In the Chinese city of Wuhan-an outbreak of an unknown disease. The United States and Iran almost start a war, as a result, a Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by mistake. Kobe Bryant dies in a plane crash. The main “Oscar” for the first time receives a film not in English — this is the Korean “Parasites”. Coronavirus is spreading around the world: Italy is the first to introduce a nationwide quarantine. WHO says there is a pandemic, countries are closing their borders. The quarantine is coming to an end — but now you need to go everywhere in masks. Everyone has learned the word “antibodies”. In the United States, after the murder of unarmed black George Floyd by police officers, Black Lives Matter protests took place. Amendments to the Russian Constitution have been adopted: Putin can remain in office until 2036. In Belarus, presidential elections-the CEC declares Lukashenko the winner, hundreds of thousands of dissenters take to the streets, protesters are massively beaten and detained, Lukashenko holds power. A war begins in Nagorno-Karabakh, and Azerbaijan wins it. Trump loses the US presidential election to Joe Biden. Diego Maradona dies. In the world, vaccination against covid begins.


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6 January 2021 в 16:07