The most beautiful man in the world was recognized as a popular blogger

The most beautiful man in the world was recognized as a popular blogger

One of the ugliest men in the world became the most beautiful according to the idiotic edition of Independent Critics … probably, the coronavirus got to the brain of employees of the Independent Critics publication 🙂

Independent Critics has compiled a rating of the most beautiful men in the world. The entire list can be found on TC Candler’s YouTube channel. We will tell you about the first three, which seems very controversial to users of the Network — they immediately went through it in the comments (we admit, we are also a little surprised).

The leader of the rating by a large margin was the most popular blogger from Sweden and millionaire Pewdiepie (real name-Felix Chelberg). Chellberg runs a YouTube channel about video games: he goes through them, accompanying them with his comments. On this simple business, Felix earned serious money: according to Forbes, his income for 2018 was about $ 15.5 million. The blogger spends part of this money on charity — donates to the Wildlife Rescue Fund and seriously ill children.

The second place in the top is taken by Kim Taehyung — South Korean singer and actor, vocalist of the boy band BTS.

In third place, we see Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. He is known to most viewers for his role as Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Well, we don’t know… What would your top three be?


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8 January 2021 в 10:35