The main risks of 2021

Consulting company Eurasia Group named the main risks that, in its opinion, the world will face in 2021.

The first place in the rating was taken by “divided America”: according to experts, an era is coming when about half of US citizens will consider the head of state illegitimate. As the company notes, the refusal of the current US President Donald Trump to recognize the election results is a unique act in US history, which underlines how divided America is.

The second most important risk, from the point of view of analysts, is the prolonged coronavirus pandemic. It is emphasized that the ongoing pandemic will threaten not only human lives, but also political stability and the global economy. The distribution of vaccines will lead to a division between rich and poor, which will provoke riots in many countries.

In the third place in the rating, experts placed the fight against climate change, noting that global cooperation in this area will be replaced by competition.

Also among the key risks of the year, analysts included increased tensions in relations between China and the United States, difficulties with the transfer of confidential information to other countries, the likelihood of a conflict in cyberspace, which will lead to unprecedented technological and geopolitical risks. In addition, experts highlighted the problems in the Turkish economy that will worsen the situation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the weakening of the economies of the Middle East due to low oil prices, the impending resignation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the political, social and economic crises in Latin America due to elections in some countries and the pandemic.


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7 January 2021 в 19:46