Rules of Pavel Durov. As the founder of Telegram and VK all 2020 taught us to live

Rules of Pavel Durov. As the founder of Telegram and VK all 2020 taught us to live

All year, Pavel Durov has been raging in social networks. Then he is at war with competitors (Facebook and WhatsApp), then with Apple. 2020 Durov would also like to forget as a terrible dream … let me remind you, in the spring of this year, the US authorities finally closed the blockchain project of Pavel Durov TON, which led to the impossibility of launching the Gram cryptocurrency. At the same time, the founder of Telegram did not forget to tell how to live properly in order to feel happy.

Let’s remember what Pavel Durov taught throughout 2020.

Benefit from isolation

In April, when almost the entire world was in quarantine, Durov called for ” creating a better version of yourself.” The billionaire predicted “a civilizational shift that will affect entire generations.” “It is in our power to make sure that the new world that is about to be born is a better place than the one we are leaving behind,” he added.

Don’t dream about Silicon Valley

Durova was not impressed by the film Yuri Dude about Russian startups in California, and he hastened to dispel myths about the Valley: US is a police state with unaffordable health care, the Valley “several villages”, where a limited cultural life, many homeless and high crime rates. Americans have poor secondary education, high taxes and the cost of doing business, developers are spoiled, and market prospects are weak, the billionaire explained. He suggested living in Central and Northern Europe or in Asia.

Worry about Apple commissions

Durov is sure that the topic that concerns him concerns everyone. Because of the fees, prices rise, censorship works, privacy suffers, updates are delayed, more ads and fewer applications, and those that are are worse than they could be, he listed.

Fight aging

36-year-old Durov shared the secrets of youth. You can not drink alcohol, you need to get enough sleep, do not overeat (eat twice a day is enough), do exercises — walk, ride a bike or swim. Limit stress: believe in the best, apply negative visualization and healthy pofigizm. Do not eat meat — it ages, it is better to choose seafood and fish caught in the wild. And it is even better to live alone — but, according to Durov, the effect of this he noticed only in men. Entrepreneurs were not impressed by Durov’s advice.

Don’t look for happiness in money

Consumption will not make a person happier, but only create new problems, Durov is sure. In his understanding, everything is simpler than it seems: “For example, if you are overweight, you will be bombarded with ads for gym subscriptions or dietary supplements. But the key to losing weight is eating less, not new shoes and protein powder, ” the billionaire said. It also applies to antidepressants: over time, they “lose their power and cause side effects that require even more pills.”

To reduce stress, Durov advised to sleep more and walk less and view social networks at night. The billionaire concluded that although he became rich at an early age, it was not money that made him happy, but the opportunity to create something new.


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