Digital Specialist

SEO / Digital Marketing Manager

Website development. Comprehensive SEO optimization of websites, basic technical support, making changes to an existing web project (html/css), as well as advertising in social networks and search engines

About Me

I'm Digital Marketing Manager and UI designer. Passion for Web Layout Designer, Graphic design, UI, SEO and Illustration. With several years of experience, my work is focused to create digital experiences.


My main skills and services.

Web Design

Installation of CMS. Site development. Setting up the CMS. Landing page development.


Website promotion in Google, Yandex and Bing. Installing and configuring Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics and others.

Social Media

Maintaining your social media presence across all digital channels.


Reviewing and optimising the design and content of all online assets including the company website and social media pages

Special offer

Remote marketer

A marketer working with your business remotely is at least 50% cheaper than a regular one. A remote marketer who really understands marketing can bring you the expected results in growing your business